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Established in 1987, The Parklane Clinic is providing a high quality of comprehensive and best psychiatric care for the past over 30 years in Lahore, Pakistan. We offer a high standard of professional care matching international standards. We recognize each patient is unique and therefore the treatment program is tailor made to suit each patient’s particular needs.

OUR Services

The Parklane Clinic is one of the top psychiatric clinic in lahore that is providing the best treatment for mental disorders. We are also a multi-disciplinary therapy center with a competent and professional team of qualified and dedicated experts. We offer a wide range of mental health services in lahore, across the age spectrum to meet the needs of children, adolescents and adults, so you have to look no further.

Inpatient care
A ten bedded facility is available for managing patients suffering from acute psychiatric conditions. Each patient has an individual room to him/herself. The clinic follows an open-door policy and family members are encouraged to stay with the patient.
Outpatient Clinics
Outpatient services are also available six days a week. These are run by highly qualified and professional psychiatrists and psychologists who work together as a team to asses and manage patients.
Day patient care
Prior to complete discharge patients admitted on indoor basis pass through a day care program to facilitate discharge and rehabilitation. This form of care is also used for patients who are too ill to be seen on an outpatient basis and also do not need inpatient care.
Home services
At The Parklane clinic we also offer home care services to meet the needs of patients who are unwilling to visit the clinic and are in urgent need of care. Specialized doctors visit the patient and family at home to undertake appropriate assessment & plan management
why people believe in us
Anas Rafiq

I believe it is the only place in Pakistan, where one can safely recommend patients suffering psychiatric ailments.

Faizan Rizwan

The only psychiatry setup in lahore which is being run on western guidelines. Rehabilitation is done in modern way via psychotherapy rather than torture trauma or physical restrictions.  Overall supervised by Prof. Dr Saad Bashir Malik.

Staff Supervision
Highly qualified, UK and USA trained professional psychiatrists.
We are also introducing online appointment system to facilitate our patients.
Peaceful Environment
The Parklane Clinic ensures a safe, relaxing, confidential and professional environment.
Disorders Treated
The Parklane Clinic is addressing all kinds of mental health disorders and their treatment.